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Farewell from Molly P., our brilliant outgoing Head Girl

Farewell from Molly P., our brilliant outgoing Head Girl

As we welcome our new prefect team, outgoing Head Girl Molly P. has a few words to say:

On behalf of all of Year 13, I just wanted to say a final farewell to our beloved St Maz! I will forever be thankful for my time at St Mary’s and cannot stress enough how grateful I am to all the legendary teachers and staff who have made that time so special. The last two months in lockdown have proven to me just how amazing this community truly is. Though motivation levels have been running low and three bars of Wi-Fi has become a scarce luxury, I have never been prouder to be #stillastmarysgirl.

I know that, in previous years, the outgoing Head Girl has given advice to the year below and the Year 11 students about to start their Sixth Form career. I am afraid that I have no A Level exam advice - for obvious reasons! But I will say - appreciate everything because: one, it genuinely does fly by and, two, you never know when it might be taken away!! I don’t think that any of my year thought that we would ever be saying the words, “I want to do my exams” or “I miss Mass”! Sixth Form is such a great time of your life: from the revue, to trips, to sports day, to musicals, to the Fun Run, to prefects, to planning for your future - I hope you enjoy it all!

I also hope and pray that we will be back to say goodbye to everyone properly. Most of us need to return about a million textbooks anyway! But until then, thank you St Mary's, we will miss you.

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