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An energetic evening of music making at Summer Concert

An energetic evening of music making at Summer Concert

The Summer Concert was a huge success and it was a terrific night for not only the performers but also the audience. All performances were delivered with energy, enthusiasm, focus and a high level of musical skill which was absolutely fantastic.

The smiles from the girls during and after their performances were so special and the look of pride and sense of achievement from each and every ensemble was wonderful and well worth all of their hard work in rehearsals over the last few months leading up to the concert.

Thank you to all of the peripatetic teaching staff and ensemble directors who have worked with our girls in their music lessons and ensemble rehearsals to help develop the amazing musicians we have in our Junior School and to help prepare them for the Summer Concert.

Elise Hickey, Head of Music at the Junior School, said:

"So many terrific memories were made on Friday night and I want to congratulate each and every girl for their wonderful performances and achievements this year. Our group finale piece "One Foot" really was the perfect anthem for us to sing together as a community, with a strong message encouraging friendship, team work and perseverance. You all made me very proud and I enjoyed every second of the concert, so thank you and well done!"

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