Sixth Form students produce fantastic extended projects once again!

Sixth Form students produce fantastic extended projects once again!










The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), co-ordinated by Mrs Karole Lewis, is a fantastic opportunity that encourages students to become independent learners, initiates self-motivation and enhances public speaking skills. Students are free to choose a topic that they have a particular interest in, and some of this year’s chosen topics are outlined below. Upper Sixth student Olivia S. examined the social and cultural background of North Korea. She examined the viability of the current dictatorship with regard to future of the nation. Olivia had to extensively research the county, one of the most private and secretive nations in the world, in order to evaluate how much the rest of the world truly knows.

Evie R. focused on capital punishment and its place in society as a form of deterrent or penalty. She analysed whether it could be justifiable in England by looking at the moral and ethical debates and assessing the approach within different countries.

Krystal Y. carried out a cross cultural analysis of leadership and whether people are born leaders or whether they are made. She examined both the USA and China in her analysis.

Annie Q. made a dress from recycled materials which she exhibited at the EPQ exhibition on XXX along with the rest of the group. Annie also produced a beautiful design book detailing the journey of making the dress: from deciding appropriate materials to designing and making.