A taste of St Mary's Junior School

A taste of St Mary's Junior School

Lauren A. tells us about her experiences at her 'taster day' before she joined St Mary's Junior School full-time.

It was my first full day experiencing St Mary’s Junior School before I come here all the time. I felt really nervous beforehand because I didn’t know anyone, and it was all new.

When I got there everyone was surprisingly nice! The first thing I did was go to assembly and it was really interesting. They talked about the music concert that is coming up and we did the song and dance that they are doing in it which was fun.

After assembly we went to our first lesson which was maths. I normally hate maths but this was my favourite lesson of the day! My teacher made it exciting, which I didn’t think was possible for maths. We played a game with a ball where we had to put our hand up and then had to catch the ball and say our answer. My teacher then let us choose our next activity according to what standard we felt we were in maths which I liked a lot.

In break I was worried I wouldn’t have any friends, but I made loads which I was really shocked about. Everyone made me feel really welcome.

I then had my first ever Mandarin lesson which I found quite intriguing as I have never heard this language before. I think I am going to like learning it more. I had English next when we were learning about Warrior Kid which is about perseverance.

Then came lunch! It was so scrumptious. I had salmon with potatoes and peas and then for pudding I had a scone with jam and cream. I really loved this! There was also lots of fruit which was good.

The last lessons of the day were humanities. We were learning about the Tudors and we got to label the different features of a Tudor house. We also found out about King Henry VIII and how he was paranoid, so he ate his food in his private chamber and his food was cooked by his private chef in case someone poisoned him!

At the end of the day I was really happy as I had a great first day and can’t wait to start. My advice would be to anyone going on a taster day, just be yourself. It was a fun day and I shouldn’t have been worried at all!

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