Leap Pathfinders

Through our Leap Pathfinders enrichment programme girls in Years 3 to 6 further extend their learning outside school.

From coding with Ada Lovelace, to exploration with Hannah McKeand or creative writing with Virginia Woolf, girls can choose from a series of Pathfinder Challenges, selecting topics that reflect their natural interests and passions.

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Example pathfinder course

Leap Pathfinders is a structured approach to academic enrichment. Designed around the theory of gamification, this innovative programme engages young people by using typical gaming concepts, including:

  • Point scoring
  • Artefact collecting
  • Competition with others

Exploring their interests

Girls have the freedom to choose challenges that interest them. Every challenge connects a wide range of subjects, including music, humanities, maths, art and more, and opens up endless deeper learning possibilities.

Developing an enrichment portfolio

Completing a challenge successfully leads to pledging for a special badge and overtime each girl builds a collection of badges and work in a digital portfolio that showcases her individual interests and achievements.

Working together

Every badge collected also earns girls, and their respective houses, points towards a LEAP Pathfinders Award at the end of each school year.