Leadership opportunities

Charity fundraising

Charitable giving forms an integral part of the school’s Christian ethos, and so in addition to taking part in regular fundraising events organised by national charities, our Sixth Form girls enjoy organising and taking part in school events too, such as the annual Fun Run, the top secret Sixth Form revue and Boarders’ Concert, and our Lourdes Fundraising Fortnight.

A particular emphasis is placed on this madcap fortnight of fundraising each year to raise money for the Glanfield Children's Group, which runs a holiday-pilgrimage to the French town of Lourdes every August in conjunction with The Catholic Association. As well as playing a vital role in devising and participating in the fundraising events, Sixth Form students are invited to join members of staff and alumnae (for whom the trip is a regular highlight) on the holiday-pilgrimage, to volunteer as Handmaids, supporting the sick and elderly pilgrims.

Leadership opportunities

Our Sixth Form students are invited to take on a range of roles that will enable them to develop their understanding and experience of leadership, whilst in a supportive and structured environment.

Girls who are selected by their peers and by members of staff to become part of our prefect team, including Head Girl and House, Music and games captains, meet regularly with the Head of Sixth Form and the Headmistress, and have responsibility for running many of our whole-school activities – from helping with community outreach to attending and contributing to various functions throughout the year.

Another key leadership responsibility in the Sixth Form is running the School Council. Girls from across the school will contribute ideas about issues and important matters that will then be discussed by their representatives at the council – offering the girls first-hand experience of democracy at work.

Girls are selected from each of the Senior School and Sixth Form year groups to represent their peers, and it is our Head Girl and other prefects who ably lead the School Council.

The school’s mentoring scheme plays an essential role in caring for and supporting our girls. Our Sixth Form students act as ‘older sisters’ to ensure the younger girls have another student to rely on, talk to for advice and support, and emulate. The pairs meet fortnightly; older girls support their younger partners in all aspects of school life whilst benefitting greatly themselves from the experience through developing a range of essential ‘life skills’ that will stand them in good stead for future relationships in Higher Education and training, throughout their future careers and personal lives.

An additional way for our Sixth Form students to develop their leadership skills is through running clubs, or societies, for younger students. Girls are warmly invited to share their passions, elements of their native cultures, or subjects they would like to learn more about themselves, in the form of MedVet Soc for aspiring scientists to Drama and Mandarin, Psychology and Politics clubs. The Sixth Form students are also encouraged to liaise with outside speakers – another opportunity to gain vital experience of organising and running events, with all that this entails.

Young Enterprise

Having had a long tradition of successful involvement in the Young Enterprise programme, we have initiated our own business and enterprise education charity. This opportunity enables our Sixth Form students to develop entrepreneurial skills and to prepare to be professional women of the future.