Outside the classroom

The school offers a wealth of opportunities for students to travel, whether in Cambridge, across the country, or further afield.

These come either as part of a departmental trip, for instance the French exchange to Paris, the Classics students’ trip to Rome, the History students’ visit to the Battlefields in Ypres, or the popular Year 9 field trip to Dorset's Jurassic coast; adventure trips, such as the Year 7 and Year 9 team building days, and biennial ski course; or cultural trips, such as the boarders’ trip to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham, or the Sixth Form trips to Amsterdam, Iceland and Edinburgh.  

The school has strong links with The Exploration Society which offers outdoor experiences for students throughout the school. The society focuses on developing a range of skills, including team work and leadership, bush craft and survival, as well as first aid and rescue. Please visit The Exploration Society's website for further details.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme is an internationally recognised award which has been running for over 50 years. The scheme is challenging, and seeks to develop a sense of independence, self-belief and responsibility in participants, through encouraging young people to regularly volunteer, to learn, and to adventure outdoors in three or four day camping and hiking expeditions, all the time taking on new skills and learning to lead, and work as part of a team. We offer all levels of the Award and many girls undertake and achieve the award at levels significantly beyond those achieved both locally and nationally.