Year 9 Day of Reflection: justice and peace

We hold Days of Reflection for each year group throughout the year, where the girls take part in various activities to consider matters of spiritual and ethical importance. The day provides an opportunity for the girls to work alongside their peers to work in a context that is outside of the classroom.

Year 9 students had their Day of Reflection on Thursday 9 November, focusing on ideas of justice and peace: both in terms of experiences close to home and the situations of people throughout the world. The girls began the day exploring different ways to complete a sentence starting with "It's not fair that...". Time was spent considering possible solutions to issues, or ways of effecting improvements in justice, in school and our communities. Later on in the day, activities were based on statistics and case studies: illustrating the different experiences of people around the globe. The students engaged in some lengthy and perceptive discussions on the impact of life choices, chances, opportunities, equality. Again, ideas were shared about ways in which individuals and groups could contribute in some way to encourage global solutions. There was a quiet reflection on the concept of peace and one's role in peacemaking.

Games were enjoyed, including an all-in group version of rock, paper, scissors that produced possibly the loudest noise ever heard in the school hall! The morning and afternoon ended with periods of quiet reflection and prayer in the Chapel. Throughout the day, each student wrote down a commitment to carry out a simple action over the next few months to contribute towards peace and justice amongst their peers, in their community, or in the wider world. These 'pledges' were linked into a chain with those made by Year 9 students in previous years. The chain, which has grown to rather an impressive and unwieldy size now, is for a week or two going to remain wound around the base of the altar in the Chapel as a reminder.