Mathematics challenge success

At the beginning of February students from Year 9 and Year 10 took part in the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge. A particular highlight was Year 9 student Cheng Z., who achieved the accolade of best in school (and best in year) and is going forward to the Cayley stage. Huge congratulations must go to Year 9 students Eve H. and Sarah R. and Year 10 students Jasmine L., Doris C. and Lizzie D. who all achieved Bronze certificates; to Year 9 students Alex H., Alice G., Clara F., Emily T. and Emilia C., and Year 10 students Bella T., Caitlin D., Rosie E. and Maiya F. who all took home Silver certificates; and to Year 9 student Cheng Z. and Year 10 student Cindy H. who were both awarded best in year and achieved Gold certificates.