Textile students are engrossed in a history of fashion

Textile students are engrossed in a history of fashion

The exhibition examines the work and legacy of the influential Spanish couturier, with over 100 pieces crafted by ‘the master’ of couture, his protégées and contemporary fashion designers working in the same innovative tradition.

The V&A Museum was a new experience for many of our Textile students and they were all looking forward to explore both the named exhibition as well as other permanent displays around the museum. The experience provided the opportunity to make first hand observations that support their current topics of study; Textures in Year 10, Natural Forms in L6 and Personal investigations in U6.

The students spent hours studying the intricate fashion and textile designs of Balenciaga’s work, as well as other famous designer’s; recording them with sketches and photographs as they explored further. The inspirational ‘making of’ videos also provided our students useful information on various textile techniques that made these exhibitor’s work master pieces. The girls were inspired by ideas on the way back home and they can’t wait to use some of their findings on their projects later this term.