Sixth Form students learn about more than just money matters

Sixth Form students learn about more than just money matters

A group of Sixth Form students had the pleasure of dining with Ms Heather Sonnet on Friday 26 January, as part of our second Ladies Who Lunch event of 2018. Ms Sonnet works as a financial planner and has recently been appointed Head of the Cambridge branch of Brewin Dolphin. The girls found it compelling to learn that there are a wide variety of roles on offer within finance: a useful reminder for many of the budding mathematicians in the room.

Ms Sonnet spoke about her journey to becoming a financial planner, and told the girls that she had originally set out to become a nurse. Heather urged the students “to choose a subject to read at university based on your interests; not based on which degree is going to get you a specific career. people change throughout their lives and our goals change as we mature. It is also important to embark on a career which is focused on your own strengths, and when I speak of strengths, I mean academic strengths as well as personal characteristics.”

Although Heather came to speak to the girls about careers in finance, the students found it reassuring to be encouraged that the choices they make now aren’t necessarily setting their futures in stone, but that life choices and career choices change as we grow.