Year 11 Girl Guide

Year 11 Girl Guide

One of our Year 11 students, Sophie W., will be taking a trip to India this summer with the Girl Guides to participate in community activities to help those in deprived areas.

Sophie will fly to Mumbai at the beginning of August, where she will have a few days to acclimatise before making her journey to the communities she will be helping. Although Sophie will not know the tasks her group are to undertake until two weeks before they depart, activities and projects she could be involved in might include teaching in schools and caring for elderly members of the community who have no other family members able to look after them.

This incredible opportunity for Sophie is also a remarkable example of the care for others that so many of our students embrace. In order to go on the trip, Sophie has to raise over £2,000, and so she will be hosting various fundraising activities in the run up to August. Please visit her fundraising page which can be found here. We wish Sophie the best of luck with her fundraising and look forward to sharing updates in due course.