Rotary Technology Tournament

Rotary Technology Tournament

The Rotary Club of Cambridge hosts a one-day event in February each year, open to teams of four students in Year 9: The Technology Tournament.

The tournament provides a fantastic opportunity for students to use team-building skills to solve a design and technology problem as well as practising oral, written and graphical communication skills. In the past the challenges have involved designing and building a battery powered vehicle to crawl along a pipe and clear debris from it.

On Tuesday 6 February, two teams of Year 9 students attended the tournament from our school this year and were tasked with designing and building a rocket launcher. The first team consisted of Poppy E., Emilia C., Emma G. and Sarah H., and the second of Rosie P., Emily T., Alice G. and Lizzie W. The girls had to work together to brainstorm, design and then build a vertical take-off launcher, capable of launching a ping-pong ball high into the air. Team two, made up of students Rosie P., Emily T., Alice G. and Lizzie W., came home with a prize for their teamwork and planning skills, and both teams enjoyed the challenge immensely. Well done to all eight students and thanks to Mrs Tessa Shercliff for organising the girls’ participation in the event.