GCSE students conquer culinary quest

GCSE students conquer culinary quest

Over the past fortnight, in two groups, our GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition students took their practical examinations, in which they had to prepare and cook a three-course meal and present it to a willing panel of five teachers for evaluation.

The panel judged each dish on its presentation and styling, portion control, texture, flavour and whether it was suitable for the chosen target audience, and also offered some suggestions about possible improvements. The assortment of food that the students prepared was superb, especially considering each dish had to be served togethr at the same time, hot, to the panel. From tortillas, soufflé and fish cakes for starters, to beef wellington, lasagne and tagliatelle bolognese for mains, the savoury dishes showcased the skills the girls have learned throughout the course. Everything was made from scratch and the students were required to perfect their fresh pasta; bake their own bread and pastry; debone chicken and fillet fish; and refine their flavour combinations in order to create a successful dish.

The high level of skill and creativity continued with the desserts. A few of the girls made cheesecakes, each one incorporating different flavours, and others made pavlova, tarts and scrumptious profiteroles: it is safe to say the teachers trying the food certainly had their taste buds tingled! Well done to each of the girls for cooking up such impressive meals.