Junior School Prize Giving

Junior School Prize Giving

On Monday 3 July school governor and University of Cambridge Professor in the Department of Materials, Judith Driscoll, told pupils from Reception age to Year 6 at the Junior School Prize Giving event that “scientists are just like little children – quite simple people asking quite simple questions – for which the answers are not very simple at all. Isaac Newton also compared himself to being like a child, saying ‘to myself I am only a child playing on the beach while the vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me’. There is so much yet to discover, and [St Mary’s School, Cambridge] pupils can certainly be the ones to do so”.

Guest speaker, Josephine Hughes, PhD student at the University of Cambridge who is conducting research within the area of adaptive tactile sensing for robotics, explained that she did not know at the age of 11 what she wanted to do or be when she grew up. She told the students: “I started doing some robotics and programming at school and was instantly hooked and then took part in robotics competitions – I am still taking part in robotic competitions now. I have been lucky enough to work with some of you in Year 5 and Year 6 at robotic events, and to see you learn to program in C++ in a couple of hours! I have seen such hard work, dedication and teamwork, and huge successes. But I have also seen how well you have recovered from disappointment, and this is what has truly impressed me about you. So my message is to carry on not choosing the easy path; find something you love and don’t be afraid to enjoy it, whether that’s art, music, dance, languages, or engineering!”

Charlotte Avery concluded: “Congratulations to every student who has progressed and excelled in – and most importantly enjoyed – academic and extra-curricular pursuits this year. As ever it has been an absolute pleasure to recognise such extraordinary efforts put in by our students through these celebratory end of year events”.

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