Computational Thinking day

Computational Thinking day

On Wednesday 21 February 15 of our Year 4 pupils participated in a Computational Thinking day at the BT Headquarters in Martlesham Heath, Suffolk. The focus of the day was problem solving and computational thinking processes, and pupils used a variety of software and hardware (including Scratch, Crumble and LEGO WeDo).

The day consisted of eight half-hour workshops during which the girls learnt how to design, test and debug algorithms, convert ‘pseudo-code’ into computer code, make predictions, and use ‘repeat loops’ and ‘conditional statements’ to improve the efficiency of their code.

Pupils had an exciting and challenging day, demonstrating excellent levels of enthusiasm, perseverance and teamwork. They were complimented by the organisers for their ability to transfer their new skills seamlessly between different applications and scenarios. Congratulations to all those involved in a really successful event.