Madonnas and Miracles

Madonnas and Miracles

Dr Victoria Avery, Keeper of Applied Arts and in-house Curator at The Fitzwilliam Museum (and sister of our Headmistress Charlotte Avery), gave an enormously insightful lecture yesterday evening, Madonnas and Miracles. It was illustrative and entertaining in just the right measure and coincided with the opening this week of the new exhibition at the museum.

Thank you Mrs Gail Osman for sharing her review of the lecture:

“Tonight was such a truly immersive experience and a delight. The talk was so vivid and interesting from the rich beauty of the subject matter to the thrilling story of the logistics of trying to make this cultural dream a reality. From the insights behind the scenes of the selection of artefacts to the painstaking restoration of pieces that belonged to rich and poor alike. We heard about the vision, the intellectual journey through to the incredible stage mounting of an exhibition that is NOT just a few rooms of interesting themed objects but promises a multisensory delight with entire Italian renaissance rooms created to enable the visitor to be fully immersed in the atmosphere. This is not just an exhibition but an event; with the artefacts the stars of the show. Such as the Christ child figure that was lent by a nunnery in Italy, having been saved when all around had been ravaged by a recent earthquake or great Boticelli treasures brought back to life too by conservators especially for this exhibition.

I was so pleased that I came tonight, as this talk was delivered with enthusiasm and passion. It didn't just meet my expectations but overwhelmed me fully. In fact, I can honestly say that I am so excited that I can't wait to visit the museum. Although we all lead such busy lives, I am grateful to the school for offering this cultural treat and feel so enriched by tonight's event.”

Thank you to Mrs Helen Hyde for sharing her review of the lecture:

"A fascinating talk given by a most enthusiastic and engaging speaker. Dr Victoria Avery took us on a journey from the first ideas and concept of the study right through to the staging of the exhibition. The 'behind the scenes' insight  of a major exhibition was as compelling and interesting as the subject matter itself – I just didn’t realise the work involved. I can’t wait to visit the exhibition!"

Thank you to those family and friends of the school who attended this fundraising event, proceeds of which will go to support our Sister Christopher Bursary Fund, and thank you so much to Dr Avery for sharing her time and expertise with us with such good humour.